What is a food tour ?

You’ve heard of them all the time, but in reality what is a food tour? We’ll explain.

1. Tastings of local products

A food tour is much more than a simple guided tour. It’s a sensory experience that lets you discover a destination through its cuisine. With every bite, you’ll discover the local traditions and the agricultural and social practices that shape the culinary landscape of a region and a country. Whether you’re a gourmet or a traveller eager to discover new flavours, a food tour gives you a unique perspective on the culture and history of a place, one bite at a time.

Our guides will take you to a selection of local shops and artisans to savour the region’s culinary specialities and find out the best places to stock up ! Off the beaten track, discover the local gastronomic gems and taste the true essence of the city.

Our food tour takes place right in the centre of Montpellier and features tastings of more than 10 local specialities from our partner artisans.

2. A visit to the city from a unique perspective

A food tour isn’t just about tasting exquisite dishes! It’s also an opportunity to explore the city’s hidden treasures, discover little-known districts and soak up its history. Your guide is there to show you the city’s must-see places and share his anecdotes with you. Every moment is an invitation to discover the city in a new light.

So let yourself be guided by the tempting call of local dishes and set off to discover the city in a way that’s as unique as it is tasty.

3. A visit by a small group

Another positive aspect of the food tour is that it is conducted in a small group, offering an intimate and personalised experience. With a small group, each participant has the opportunity to form deeper bonds with the guide and the other members of the group, making the experience even more enriching.

A small group food tour also allows you to make the most of each stop without feeling rushed or hurried. You can savour every bite, ask the guide questions and explore every corner of the city at your own pace.

Whether you’re a solo traveller looking for company or a group of friends eager to discover new things, a food tour creates a space where bonds are easily forged around a shared passion for good food and travel.