Visit the Languedoc vineyards in winter

A mild winter

pic saint loup winterAlthough average temperatures vary between 3°c (38°F) to 12°c (54°F) in Montpellier during the months of January, February and March, the winters remain mild and often sunny compared to the national average. It is not uncommon to enjoy beautiful sunny days on the terrace, the temperature even rose to a maximum of 22°c (72°F) in February 2012!

If you like to avoid the crowds of tourists and are not afraid of cool temperatures, winter is the ideal season to come and visit our region. Montpellier is a dynamic student city, the streets are busy all year round… Our tours resume on 1st of March, the wine estates will welcome you with pleasure in their cellar around a delicious glass of wine that will warm your hearts.

 The vineyard in the winter

souche webDuring winter, the vines are dormant, the leaves fall down, so you will not see the shimmering colors of the foliage. However it is interesting to observe the step of the prunning of the vine. This should take place before the first buds appear, usually late February, early March. The winemakers must therefore select the branches that will carry the harvest of the following year and cut the others to restore vigor to the plant. This is an important step that requires precise knowledge.