Visit the Languedoc vineyards in spring


A mild spring

bourgeons webAs of April, temperatures rise again, we can find 18 degrees (65°F) in April and up to 26 (79°F) degrees in June during the day. Rainfall is higher in April and declines sharply in June.

It is the ideal time to enjoy pleasant temperatures before the arrival of the flood of tourists on the seaside during the summer. Enjoy the many bank holidays of the period to discover the treasures of the hinterland!



The vineyard in spring

fleur de vigne webOnce winter is over, the vine starts to wake up. The first buds form at the beginning of March. The foliage then develops very quickly and it is therefore a busy period for the winegrower who must accompany the growth of the plant. The operations of disbudding, trellising (attaching the vine shoots to the rows of wire) and leafing follow one another.

In June the vine flower appears, it will then give the bunch of grapes. It is a discrete flower that exhales a light fragrance. It is also the period of pricking out: one removes by hand the greedy shoots that would take unnecessarily the energy of the plant. On beautiful sunny days you can observe the landscape adorned with soft green foliage, an enchantment for the eyes!