Workshop of the senses

Workshop of the senses

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Sharpen your 5 senses with our participatory wine workshops! This activity is based on 4 to 6 entertaining and educational workshops (depending on the size of the group) of about 15-20 minutes in which all members of the group will participate to discover the secrets of wine tasting and the main grape varieties of Languedoc wines

Black glasses workshop (visual analysis)

Sight is the most important sense in our sensory perception. Learn how to describe the color of a wine and what information it gives us. If vision is blurred or impeded, our brain has a lot of difficulty recognizing tastes. Try tasting wine in black glasses to try to find the color or tasting colored and flavored water to confuse the senses.

Aroma workshop (olfactory analysis)

The sense of smell allows us to distinguish the scents that surround us or the aromas of a wine. It is a memory work that can be practiced over time to expand its “library” of odors. Discover the different families of aromas and test your knowledge with our aroma capsules.

Flavor workshop (taste analysis)

The analysis of a wine in the mouth allows you to describe the flavors, the texture or the astringency of a wine. Work your taste buds by tasting our flavored waters to recognize the flavors and play the touch game to understand the textures and astringency of a wine.

Wine culture, wine and culture

Art and wine usually go hand in hand! Quotes, paintings, songs… test your knowledge with our quiz!

Red blend workshop

Discover the characteristics of the main red grape varieties of Languedoc: Syrah, Grenache and Mourvèdre. Learn to recognize them and have fun making your own blend.

White blending workshop

Discover the characteristics of the main white grape varieties of the Languedoc: white grenache, sauvignon, viognier. Learn to recognize them and have fun making your own blend.

20 to 80 people
6 wines tasted
Duration: 2 hours
Price on request
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