Wine and chocolate

For easter, try succesfull wine and chocolate pairings

What about Champagne?

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The most common pairing with desserts is the Champagne and yet it’s the one that you need to avoid! The acidity and finesse of Champagne and other sparkling wines would be completely masked by the strong taste of chocolate.




A safe bet: Vins Doux Naturels and powerful red wines

Natural sweet wines (Vins doux naturels) made from red grenache (like Maury or Banyuls) with their aromas of prunes, raisins and cocoa are a safe bet. If you want to try something new, the harmony with the red wine can be very successful! Chocolate and wine have an essential common, tannins, which are found in red grapes as well as in the cocoa beans. The richer in cocoa the chocolate is, the stronger in tannins should the wine be. A wine from the southwest of France or a Terrasses du Larzac could be a good option.


The fruity chocolates

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Some fruitier red wines, such as some Pic Saint-Loup could match finer chocolates. You can enjoy them with with candied orange peel chocolates or a ganache infused with raspberry or passion fruit. You will see, they bring out the fruit.





What about milk and white chocolates?

People who prefer milk chocolate, containing less cocoa or even white chocolate, can turn  to a dry and fruity white wine. For example a viognier with aromas of apricot and melon. Finally almond chocolates could work out well with a round and creamy white wine.