Visit the Languedoc vineyard in summer

The mediterrannean summer

vineyard sunSummer in Languedoc inevitably rhymes with sun and heat. Temperatures remain nevertheless bearable thanks to a pleasant sea breeze, they oscillate between 25 (77 ° F) and 30 ° (86 ° F). It is a dry period, precipitations are rare.

While the majority of tourists are on the beaches, it is the ideal time to discover the vineyards and the countryside and to cool down in the naturally air-conditioned cellars.



 The vineyards in summer

veraison webDuring summer the fruit grows. Some estates practice “green harvesting” by removing surplus grapes to improve the quality of the harvest. It is also the period of veraison, the grape ripens and changes color.

In our region the maturity is reached quickly and the harvest of the white grapes can often begin at the end of August. It then extends throughout the month of September.