Valentine’s Day wines

The traditionnal lovers celabration is once again a perfect opportunity to open your best bottles ! Here are a few ideas to illustrate true love.

Saint-Amour: a must-try

vin fleur saint valentinThe Saint-Amour is one of the 10 « crus » of the Beaujolais appelation. Made out of red Gamay, you can find 2 types of Saint-Amour : the souple and fruity one, to be drunk young and the Saint Amour made with a longer maceration displaying a more expressive character.





The sauvignon of Saint-Valentin

saint valentin coeurDid you know that the village of Saint-Valentin does exist? It is located in the very heart of France, in the Berry province. If you do not have the opportunity to visit it this year, you can travel there with your palate by tasting its delicious Sauvignon wines. The famous Sancerre of course but also, even closer, the lesser known Reuilly.


The pink bubbles

bulle vin roseIn order to paint your dinner with the colour of love, all the light and fine Champagnes and sparkling rosé wines are at display…Soft, fresh or elegant, every style to please each palate. To pair with a red fruit dessert or simply as an apéritif






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