Top 10 Languedoc food and wine pairings

Delicious pairings you should definitely try!


1. Picpoul de Pinet and Bouzigues oysters

vignette huitresThis is an essential pairing for this coastal region where seafood and shellfish are prominent features of the local cuisine. The Bouzigues oysters, speciality of the Thau laguna next to Sète, are a natural match for this white AOC made with a unique grape variety: the Picpoul. It is a crisp and fresh white wine, which will accompany perfectly the iodic aromas of the oysters.

2. Cassoulet and Cabardès

Cassoulet is a must taste if you come to the South of France. The origin and the recipe of this bean stew are a source of endless controversy between 3 cities: Castelnaudary, Carcassonne and Toulouse. This traditionnal hearty dish is nonetheless a delight to taste or retaste with a full-bodied and rich red wine like an AOC Corbières or a Cabardès.

3. Lozere lamb and Terrasses du Larzac

The spicy and warming red wines of our area usually pair very well with the tasty lamb meat. A red Terrasses du Larzac combining strengh and elegance will exhalt your dish.

4. Pélardon (goat cheese) and Languedoc white

vignette pelardon
Pélardon is a goat cheese made out of raw milk and typical of the Languedoc region. We advise you to taste it paired with a white AOC Languedoc dry and unoaked…simply delightful!



5. Aubrac beef and Languedoc-Pic Saint Loup

The Aubrac beef comes from a breed raised on the Aubrac plateau and offers a top quality meat. You can taste it simply grilled accompagnied with a full bodied Pic Saint-Loup with soft tannins.

6. Tielle and Languedoc rosé

Tielle is a speciality of Sète. It is a type of pie filled with octopus cooked in a slightly spicy tomato sauce. It will go very well with a dry and light rosé from the Languedoc, such as a Grès de Montpellier for example.

7. Fougasse aux grattons and Costières de Nîmes rosé

vignette fougasseFougasse is a type of bread from the south of France. You can find many local varieties and different taste: some are filled with olives, cheese, bacon (lardon) or even duck scratchings… Ideal for an aperitif, you can serve it with a dry and full bodied rosé.



8. Pâté de pézenas and Faugères rosé

The recipe of this paté with a reel shape was brought in Pézenas in the 18th century by the cook of Lord Clive, governor in India. Made with a mix of lamb, brown sugar and lemon, these sweet and sour bites can be paired with a fruitier rosé…why not a Faugères.

9. Roquefort and muscat – vin doux naturel

vignette roquefortIf you like sweet and sour flavours, try this surprising pairing…with a sweet wine you can balance the strong and salty aromas of the blue cheese…a wonderful match!


10. Garriguettes de nîmes (strawberries) and crémant de limoux rosé (sparkling wine)

The delicate and fine aromas of the strawberries usually pair very well with the fineness and elegance of the bubbles…Try to pair them with a cremant de Limoux (birthplace of the sparkling wine production method) with subtle and fruity aromas…