The “folies” of Montpellier

Discover our wine-related heritage through various tastings

chateau de flaugergue webTake a trip back in time, this year Montpellier Wine Tours starts a new tour to let you discover the treasure of our wine-related heritage with a selection of the nicest castles producing wine in the area.

As usual choose from our half day or full day tour including lunch and disciver the Languedoc heritage through various tasting and the visit of:

  • Château de Flaugergues, a family owned estate dating from 1696 listed historical monument
  • Château de l’Engarran, a magnificent hause from 18th century 
  • Château Bas Aumelas,wine estate from 14th century surrunded by vineyards

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What are the “folies” of Montpellier

chateau engarran webThe word “Folie” (madness in French) is given to an elegant house used as sumptuous summer house by the gentry in the 18th century.

But why are they called “Folie”? Some say it has to do with the extravagant style of their architecture but another explanation maintains it would come from “Folia” meaning “leave” in latin. Those houses were indeed always built in the countryside and surrounded by magnificent gardens and foliage.

At the time, there were more than 40 houses of that kind around Montpellier, today they are around 10 among which Château de Flaugergues and Château de l’Engarran, as well as the château d’ô, château de la Mogère or château de la Mosson…