Partner of the Thau music festival

This year from 16th July to 21st July, enjoy the musical evenings of the Thau festival along the Thau Lagoon!


Wine tour : Between sea and lagoons for the renowned Picpoul de Pinet and fresh shellfish

picpoulThanks to our tour Picpoul de Pinet and fresh shellfish, sharpen your palate and delight your taste buds with a visit to estates who preserve pure Languedoc tradition and to an oyster and shellfish farm. Enjoy shellfish that may still be in the water at the beginning of your visit.


Wednesday 17th July : gourmet tour special for the festival


Program of the festival for wednesday evening 17th July

Start from Montpellier at 3.30PM
In the afternoon, visit and taste the products of a wine estate and a shellfish farm
From 7.30PM : end the evening at the Thau music Festival with the concert of Marianne and Rona Hartner between jazz and balkan music.
Back in Montpellier after the concert.

Price: 75 euros / pers including transportation from Montpellier, visits and tastings from oysters and wines, the concert. Meal not included. Possibilities to eat at the festival.

Wednesday 7th august : full day tour

Départure from Montpellier at 9AM
In the morning, visit of a first wine estate followed by a shellfish farm. At lunch time, free time to wander through the charming village of Marseillan beside the lagoons. Visit and taste the wines of a second estate in the afternoon
Back in Montpellier around 5PM

Price: 105 euros /pers including transportation from Montpellier, visits and tastings from oysters and wines  Meal not included.

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