Oysters, Wine and visit of the Abbaye de Valmagne

Gourmet route – on request

In a typically Mediterranean landscape, wander around the lagoon to explore the vineyards of Picpoul de Pinet and Grès de Montpellier, taste the oysters of the Thau lagoon and visit the Abbaye de Valmagne.

In the morning, sharpen your palate and delight your taste buds with a visit to a beautiful wine estate and its rennaissance style castleand to an oyster and shellfish farm. Enjoy oysters that may still be in the water at the beginning of your visit. For lunch, we will bring you in the charming village of Meze beside the lagoons to try all the local specialities. In the afternoon, visit the famous Abbaye de Valmagne also known as the vineyard’s cathedral. The abbey also produces organic wines which you can taste at the end of the visit.

picpoul de pinet white wineYou will love:

  • The Mediterranean atmosphere by the Thau lagoon.
  • the cultural and gourmet programm.
  • The mingling of tastes of land and sea.

Full day:

tour domain1 estate, 1 shellfish farm + Abbaye de Valmagne

tour glassminimum 8 wines tasted + fresh oysters

tour startStarting at 9 AM
tour placeEsplanade de l’Europe

tour finishBack at 4:30 PM

tour pricePrice all inclusive: from 490€ for 2 people up to 920€ for 8 people
If you are more than 8, please ask us for prices


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